Suzanne Laudert, D.D.S.
Suzanne Laudert, D.D.S.
Greenwood Village / Denver Tech Center Dentist


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We have used Dr. Laudert for over 15 years. She is a wonderful dentist. I had some bad dental experiences as a child, and it was important to me that my children had good experiences. At first, I took my kids to a well known pediatric dental practice. After I had a couple check-ups with “Dr. Sue”, I moved them to her practice. For example, she let them sit on my lap and let them watch while I have my teeth cleaned or filled. She was/is gentle and patient, so my children were actually excited when it was their turn for their check-ups. My last dental visit was for a 6 month check-up and cleaning.
— Harriet H.
I scheduled my first appointment in 7 years and my boys first appointment ever with Dr. Laudert, and it was fantastic!! Everyone was so friendly, so professional, one lady even took my boys over to her chair to play while I had my X-rays done! They had a blast, and are so excited about taking care of their teeth now! Best dentist EVER!!
— April P.
I have seen 2 other dentists in Denver lately and had terrible experiences. So I turned to Angie’s List to provide a recomendation. My experience visiting Dr. Laudert was the single best dental or medical experience I’ve ever had. I really felt like they went above and beyond normal to treat me as an individual and take care of my needs. I called Dr. Laudert’s office because I had some pain in a tooth. They were able to see me within a couple of days short notice. They gave me a general exam, some X-rays of the area, and spoke with me about what was going on with my specific issue. I was given some prescription tooth paste to help desensitize an exposed nerve near my gumline. When I first called they were friendly to me over the phone, they asked for my insurance information ahead of time and called them. I really liked how when I got to their office, they already knew what my insurance coverage was, what is and isn’t covered, and how long I had to wait during my initial freeze period of my insurance before certain services are covered. There were no possible surprizes as far as payment! I was treated very thoughtfully as an individual as they reviewed my records from my past dentist with me. I was given a very thorough and very gentle exam by Dr. Laudert and everything was explained to me in detail. The staff at Dr. Laudert’s office were exceptionally nice and warm the whole time. I never felt like I was rushed through to get to the next patient as I have experienced in so many other doctor’s/dentist’s offices. I can’t imagine anything that could have been done to make this a better experience. I am so happy now that I know a really good dentist!
— Hugh A.
Moved to Colorado April 2012 — needed a dentist...

Looked on Angie’s List and at the comments (excellent) for Dr. Laudert and decided to give a try.

They immediately scheduled an appointment inside of 5 days!

AWESOME experience!! I have now scheduled my wife and my boy (6). Their appointments are in January... I learned some things about my teeth that I didn’t know including my gums, etc. VERY engaging, VERY good bed-side (chair-side) manners. Must admit a little anxious going in... THIS WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE! I highly recommend this dentist - a far better experience than what I’ve been used to (Georgia dentist - not that he was bad; however, Dr. Laudert took time with me to teach, inform, and made the overall experience so much better!)
— Stephan E.
This hygienist did a great job, and I ended up with a thorough cleaning. Dr. Laudert was thorough in her examination, clear in her explanation, and very pleasant to deal with. Dr. Laudert’s office staff was efficient and very good about accommodating my schedule.
— Kester S.
“Dr. Laudert and her staff are FANTASTIC!! I called on a Tuesday and spoke to Kathy who was extremely friendly. I told her my situation and she got me in Thursday for the repair. My appointment was right on time with Jill and Dr. Laudert explaining what needed to be done. They communicated with me on what they were doing all the way through my appointment. As I am not employed at the moment, I had written in my new patient paperwork that cost control would be key. Dr. Laudert assured me (and actually read my paperwork) before she began to do any work. The broken filling and chip on my front tooth was repaired quite well. I am very glad I found this office and have already made a follow-up appointment to have my teeth cleaned. I would highly recommend Dr. Laudert and her team to anyone that needs a dentist.”
— Josh K.
“I was referred to Dr. Laudert by several friends who are also patients. It’s probably the most pleasant dental experience I’ve had.”
— Stephanie G.